somewhere in neverland

i like sports. and hats. i make drinking games for women's hockey sometimes. 

I’m not really into taking random twitters and screencapping them except that…this is a threat. Yes, yes, I’m sure it’s supposed to be a ‘joke’ and it’s supposed to be ‘funny’ but also it’s a death threat. 

Twitter is fun, but it’s also something people like to hide behind. I know I’ve said things on Twitter I would probably never say to a person’s face. But just because you’re typing instead of speaking you don’t have the right to THREATEN other human beings. 

(Oh, and if you were wondering if like, this is ‘serious’….the police in Montreal are investigating after someone sent threatening tweets to Davy Arnaud, the Impact captain, on Twitter. As they damn well should be. So go ahead tell me to lighten up I don’t care.)